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Bluetooth for GNUstep on Linux

GNUtooth is a set of tools that provides rudimentary Bluetooth support for GNUstep systems. I'm using it to transfer files to my mobile phone and Mac, which works OK ;-)

GNUtooth consists of the following components:


So far:



Version 0.3: Version 0.2:


You need the BlueZ protocol stack and a working Bluetooth dongle.

You also need GNUstep and, and libopenobex.


I'll try to put up a longer HOWTO in the next couple of days. Meanwhile: You need hcitool and sdptool (come with the BlueZ tools) in your path, or you need to set the defaults values "HcitoolPath" and "SdptoolPath" in the domain "GNUtoothServer".

Download GNUtooth from the link below, compile it with "make" and install it with "make install" followed by "make_services". Afterwards, type "openapp GNUtooth", select "Detected Devices" from the window that pops up, select a device and choose "Bluetooth->Send File...". Select a file from the panel that opens and watch as it is being transferred to the device.


You can download the source for GNUtooth here:


This is a very early alpha version, so there's bound to be troubles. Please mail me with your troubles. Please include the following:


Ah yes, screenshots:

Showing known devices

Transferring a couple of images to my phone

The Preferences dialog
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Address Book Framework and Application for GNUstep

Addresses is a free re-engineered implementation of Apple's AddressBook framework. The package contains the framework, an application to manage addresses ( and a command-line tool. Addresses is still in the early stages of development, but it has been tested with a number of MacOS X applications and works quite well.

Programs using Addresses:

News for version 0.4.1

News for version 0.4.0


So far:



You can download the source for Addresses here:


You can't take screenshots of a framework; these are some shots of

Displaying a person's info

Editing a person's info
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