Addresses for GNUstep


Addresses for GNUstep is a versatile address book application for managing contact information. It stores addresses, phone numbers, pictures, instant messaging information, email, homepages and whatever.

Addresses is also a framework that allows access to the addresses database in a way that is sourcecode-compatible with Apple's AddressBook.framework. It also contains a view framework to facilitate the construction of applications that use the contact database.

Addresses is currently being used by Ludovic Marcotte's
GNUMail application. It uses and requires GNUstep.


Freitag, 10. Februar 2006:
Release V0.5 (Windows)
Prerelease of the
binary for Windows!

Thu, Jul 29 2004:
Release V0.4.6
This release fixes a most annoying bug which caused V0.4.5 to output broken database files when used with recent GNUstep CVS versions. Subsequent starts would complain about GSMutableString not recognizing -count and die shortly afterwards. Right they were. V0.4.6 fixes this problem and loads and auto-corrects the old, broken database files.
In response to this breakage, I've pulled 0.4.5. Please don't use it anymore.
Also added is a new Spanish localization by Pablo Di Noto (thanks a lot, Pablo, and sorry it took so long!), and a couple of minor bugfixes. Get it here.

Sun, Feb 15 2004:
Release V0.4.5: Rebuilding from the rubble
Well well. My server's ext3 file system died almost completely two days ago (the filesystem check left about ten files behind on a previously-almost-full 60GB hard disk). Of course there was no backup of the web pages or the CVS; thankfully I still had a copy of almost everything on my laptop's drive.
As a result, I'm putting everything back together, maybe even improving a bit on the websites in the process. I'm also releasing V0.4.5, a small bugfix release that clears the last UI quirks and snags that I'm aware of. This will be the last release before I start tackling SyncML synchronization over Bluetooth, which will require a bit more tinkering with GNUtooth to make it work.



Looking at a contact

Editing a contact

On Win32





What's this "All" group? What do I need it for?
"All", as the name implies, contains all of your contacts. Any contact that's in your database is in here.
If you add a contact, either one or two things happen:
  • Your contact is added to "All".
  • If the currently selected group is not "All", the contact will be added to the currently selected group as well.
If you remove a contact, exactly one of two things happens:
  • If the currently selected group is not "All", the contact will be removed from the currently selected group. It remains in "All".
  • Otherwise, your contact is removed from all groups it belongs to, and from "All". It's gone forever; bye-bye contact.