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To put it simply, we are just geeks. Geeks who love all things technology.

If we had to go into detail, we would describe ourselves as Web Design and Development experts, who have a passion for creating and making our clients business and projects thrive due to the great service which we can provide. So, if you’re looking for two individuals that will help boost your business and start bringing the cash flow in, then you’re in the right place. Even if you’re just interested in what we get up to, maybe you’re looking for inspiration of your own, then please do take the time to check out our blog, we are confident there will be something there for everyone’s needs.

Currently made up of 3 people, Giesler Geeks originally started out as a passion project, one that we would dedicate our free time to until it eventually, somewhat spiralled out of control and turned into one of the best places for the entire internet to come and get effective help with any kind of Web Design or Development problem that they may be having. We could of never imagined how rapidly this business would have taken off and we appreciate any and all customer whether you are a new or old returning customer.

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