Giesler Geeks

To put it simply, we are just geeks. Geeks who love all things technology.

If we had to go into detail, we would describe ourselves as Web Design and Development experts, who have a passion for creating and making our clients business and projects thrive due to the great service which we can provide. So, if you’re looking for two individuals that will help boost your business and start brining the cash flow in, then you’re in the right place. Even if you’re just interested in what we get up to, maybe you’re looking for inspiration of your own, then please do take the time to check out our blog, we are confident there will be something there for everyone’s needs.

Services Which We Provide

Web Design

We offer a full range of custom web design services to increase your website traffic. Our highly skilled, professional website designers will help you succeed, no matter the size of bussiness venture!

SEO Services

Got a beautiful site already and maybe you're an old customer wondering why your site isn't getting the traffic it deserves? Then the SEO services which we provide will help to solve this!

Brand Marketing

Got a great business idea but not sure how to go about correctly marketing it for the audience you wish to please, then look no further, our Brand Marketing Team will be the perfect fit for you!

Content Creation

Have you lost your creative flow or maybe you just want to fill out your blog and you're a one man show, then why not get some help from our Content Creation department!

Our Projects

The Geeks


Lead Developer
Greetings, my name is Bjorn or 'Bear' in literall terms, call me as either. As lead developer, it is my job to create the functioanility of anything we develop and to most people its the 'boring' part which no one ever really sees but I just love doing it. On a nonrelated work topic, I'm a huge fan of reading books in my spare time, especially books that will challenge my beliefes and my way of thinking.​
Sebastian CEO headshot


I'm Sebastian. Here at Giesler Geeks I am the head CEO, ultimately I make any and all final decisions. As we have such a relatively small work force I am a lot more hands on than most CEO's this is great because I really get to understand and connect with the clients which we take on daily, giving them a better overall experience when using our services. Oh and I just love TV and Film; such a great stress reliever.


Content Specialist​
Hello, my name is IIka and I am the Content Specialist at Giesler Geeks. I mange any content that goes on either our website or one of our clients, to put it simply. When I'm not in the office, you will most probably find me at a tennis court with friends or in the nearest forest/park walking my two beautiful dogs, Layla and Max.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"Just what I was looking for. I'd be lost without Giesler Geeks. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! If you want a real solution to your grownig pains in the industry that not only one which works but is effective - Giesler Geeks has got you covered."
Sherill A Headshot
Sherill A
"Thanks to Giesler Geeks, we've just launched our 5th website! I would also like to say thank you to all your staff because of how easy they have made the last 3 years since we have been in business with them. We cannot recommend these people enough."​
Oscar M
"Giesler Geeks was worth a fortune to my company. They have done absolutely wonders for my company and their SEO team were a treat to deal with. Giesler Geeks is the most valuable business resource I have EVER purchased."
Kendrick S
"Exceeding my expectations on multiple levels, helping to improve my business and making sure I was happy with all work that had been produced, I can not recommend Giesler Geeks enough!"
David C
"We've already seen great results since we have used their services, they did precisely what we wanted and what they said they were going to do. Giesler Geeks gave exactly what we were lacking."
Jessica P
""I would gladly pay double for that I paid due to the excellent services which i received. Giesler Geeks is the place to go for all your Web Development needs, the best place on the internet for such services."
Ricky D

Companies We Have Worked With

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